fall state of mind

Welcome to a new page on Kat’s in the Kitchen! The new page is called “Kat”.

As you know the blog’s tagline is Kat,Kitchen and Beyond. You already know that the “Kitchen”(home) page is where all the cooking and recipes posts are, the “Beyond” page is where I venture out of the kitchen and into other places such as farms,restaurants,stores or wherever I may find myself food related or not.

The new page “Kat” will be where I  post things about life or life as I see it. Feel free to send comments or e-mail about things you’d like to hear about. Though I love to give my opinion, I also like to listen and would love to hear from all of you.

So excited about this new page,but the funny thing is that I find myself at this moment with nothing to write about!  At least a topic focused on any one thing. So I’ll tell you whats been on my mind lately:

I’m excited about Fall and can’t wait to cook lots of soups and stews and braises (I promise I’ll share).

I’m loving the new tv Fall season. Some of my favorites; American Horror Story, Hart of Dixie, Up All Night and X-Factor.

I cant’t wait for the new Underworld movie and the American version of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

I’m anxious because a lot of trees in my area have not fully bloomed into their Fall splendor so I will have to drive further north to get good pictures.

I’m really excited to be doing my Thanksgiving countdown again this year on Kat in the Kitchen Facebook. If you have not done so please friend me on Facebook (Kat in the kitchen-there is no ‘s) UPDATE 10-20-11 You may now scroll to the very bottom of this blog to “like” Kat in the Kitchen on Facebook and follow me.

I can’t wait for the holidays! Doubly excited because this will be my first holiday season blogging.

Can you tell that I am excited? There is much more but in the meantime while most of us are having a dreary cold rainy day, enjoy this bright picture of pumpkins. I took this picture about six years ago and every time I see it, it brightens my day. Happy Fall! Kat.

UPDATE 10-20-11  The “how-to” and “baking” pages are now sub-categories under the”home” page. Just hover your mouse over the “home” page and they magically appear,well it’s not really magic,just techy stuff.


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