scrambled eggs


The first week of November was calm and uneventful,weather-wise,compared to the last days of October.  In a few days time there was a pretty impressive snow storm that left much of the north-eastern states with a foot or more of snow, beautiful trees  in the height of their fall splendor felled by the heavy snow, hundreds of thousands with no power, school snow days in October and a white Halloween!

As I write this we have returned to more typical Fall weather-a beautiful fall sun highlighting the warm hues of orange,yellow and red on the leaves of  trees strong enough to survive the past weeks storm.

On Saturday the snow started early in the morning falling in big chunky flakes that stuck to the ground immediately making visibility nearly impossible and driving hazardous. The snow fell all day without letting up a bit. On Sunday morning I awoke to a brilliant sun and the sounds of melting snow plopping as it fell from trees and the  roofs of homes. It could have been described as a perfect Fall day if I ignored the four-foot snow man on someones front lawn,children yelling as they waged snow ball warfare and my car peeking out from beneath a foot of snow.

Adding to the confusion was a two-day break from school due to “inclement weather” on days that were as sunny as ever. They really should have been called days off due to the after effects of inclement weather,as schools were closed due to power outages.

I don’t know about you,but I’ve already had enough of winter. Oh, but it’s still Fall.

I think I have the weather beat in the “confused” department when it comes to my relationship with scrambled eggs. I do not eat scrambled eggs,however they are one of my favorite foods to cook.

It is very comforting to add butter to a warm pan,watch it melt and sizzle then pour in lightly whipped, liquid eggs and watch them transform into buttery and fluffy quivering curds of scrambled egg.  Based on the way my family consumes them I would assume they are good. I wouldn’t know. I eat my eggs fried,sunny side up, hard-boiled but never scrambled.

I don’t know why I don’t eat scrambled eggs,even as a child I remember hiding them in my grits in order to make them go down easier.

I even like watching other people eat scrambled eggs. My favorite movie food scene is from Somethings Gotta Give, when Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson’s characters share a late night impromptu meal of scrambled eggs eaten directly from the pan and with glasses of red wine.

Warm scrambled eggs studded with melting goat cheese sounds good to me but I know if presented with a plate of it I’d only pluck out the melting pieces of cheese while leaving the eggs behind. Put that same goat cheese beneath a fried egg and I’d gladly gobble it up but it’s just not as mouth-watering.

I don’t see myself all of a sudden liking scrambled eggs, but I will never ever stop making them.

Recipe: scrambled eggs

Note: I am not of the Julia Child school of scrambled eggs where the eggs are cooked in tiny wet curds, though I don’t like overcooking scrambled eggs I prefer them in bigger softer curds. This recipe is for one serving. A serving is about 2 large eggs and cooked in a small pan. If you cook more eggs use a larger pan to allow for even cooking.


butter 2-3 tablespoons

2 eggs

freshly ground black pepper


With a fork or whisk, lightly scramble the eggs. Add a teaspoon or 2 of cold water and whip again. Melt butter in a small skillet over medium heat. When the butter has melted add the eggs. With a wooded or silicon spoon move the eggs around until they form soft curds. When the eggs are slightly underdone remove from the heat and let the residual pan heat finish cooking the eggs while gently stirring. Sprinkle over the black pepper and enjoy


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