beyond: early morning at a waterfront town


It’s officially Spring but I am very aware that it will still be a few more weeks before I can sample the fruits (and vegetables ) of Springs labor.   Vegetation may not be quite ready for Springs arrival, but I surely am.  I noticed this a few days ago when I had chicken parts in the fridge and I had no desire to braise or stew them, or do anything to them that required long cooking.  I suddenly just wanted  something that was quickly cooked and maybe a side of veggies.   It’s not just because of the nice weather,  we’ve been having unseasonably warm weather all winter long.  I’ve also been going to bed a little later without worrying that I’ll pay for it in the morning.  I no longer feel like I must have that first cup of coffee to get me going.   The days are longer and it’s just, well, more relaxing.  I feel like I have time, that I am not being rushed to complete this or finish that.

The thought of having to get up early on a cold Saturday morning usually makes me want to stay put,  wrapped up cocoon like inside the covers.   When warm weather comes about I want to be up and about.   I got the opportunity to do exactly that this past Saturday.  Usually my daughter J has early (really early) band practice on Saturday mornings.  So I have to get up early whether or not I like to.  This Saturday there was no practice.  It was a beautiful warm morning so J and I decided to pay a visit to my favorite waterfront town.  

I have a love and I’m afraid as all hell relationship with water.  I love it from afar but up close my imagination runs wild with visions of giant squid tentacles emerging from the depths of the water ready to scoop me up.   I am fascinated by mermaids but deep underwater scenes on television terrify me and I really would love to take a cruise some day- one that doesn’t go too far from shore and stays docked during the night.  Despite all that I so love this busy little waterfront town not ten minutes away from my home.   Although it is quaint it has the feel of walking down the street in any Manhattan neighborhood.  There are antique shops, consignment shops and little boutique’s where you can find the most interesting things.

It’s also got some of the best restaurants around.  There’s a french bakery that has an awesome almond croissant and pastries that you just want to look at and never eat.  One of the best slices of pizza is served from a tiny corner pizza shop.  There is food and restaurants for all tastes.  On Saturday I noticed that a gluten-free bakery had just opened up.  It is beautiful inside-leather couches!  I can’t possibly mention everything on this post but you can sum up that I love this little town as much as I love my own. 

Anyway, I took out the new camera for some outdoor picture-taking.  Let me say taking pictures of food is much easier than taking pictures of moving, living things and even non- moving, non-living things.  I don’t claim  to be a professional photographer, just someone who loves beautiful things and likes to photograph them.  So enjoy these pictures and Happy Spring!  Kat

Isn’t this just the cutest puppy?  J was oohhing and awwing so much the owners brought him back so we could take his picture.

I just love porches and this yellow could brighten anyones day.

I used to cross this bridge everyday to go to work.  So glad I don’t have to anymore and can enjoy just looking at it from the water.


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  1. Kathy, Thank you for the beautiful pictures…they really bring back memories. I can smell that cool spring air! Being in Florida, there is not much change in the weather, but when we do have the cool mornings it reminds me of this time in New York when you know it is not going to snow again and that spring is coming! Thanks again for sharing, and keep on cooking!

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