The little bits: english cucumbers

I have added another category on this blog. The little bits. As the name suggests it will be little bits or snippets from my daily life. A few lines here and there just to share what’s on my mind. The Kitchen part may not include cooking at all and most times there won’t even be a recipe. Just delicious things I’ve thrown together for a snack or light meal and I’ll introduce new ingredients for you to try. The Kat portion may be things I’ve heard or seen and want to share. A good movie an interesting book, inspiring and motivating words. The Beyond portion may just be different places I’ve encountered or a new food store I find interesting, festivals etc. Oh and food related Apps. I love food apps.

My intention is to do a regular post each week and The little bits will appear as another post later in the week. It’s just a way for me to get more information out to all of you even if it’s just a few lines. As always if you have questions or comments feel free to contact me. XO Kat.

Without further delay let me introduce you to the English cucumber. Up until a few months ago I’d always used regular cucumbers. If you are like me and probably lots of other people you probably burp quite a bit after eating regular cucumbers. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing because with it comes a noticeable bloating in your midsection. English cucumbers purportedly are burp less. The first time I sliced one open the clean, fresh smell perfumed the air and my daughter commented on how it smelled like some favorite cucumber melon lotion she loves. She was right. English cucumbers are more crisp than regular cucumbers and their skin much thinner and waxless so you can eat them without peeling. I have replaced tomatoes on my sandwiches and hamburgers with English cucumbers. I slice them up thinly and put them on sandwiches that need only a slathering of hummus and nothing else. You will be pleasantly surprised by the crunch they add to a sandwich. They can be added to smoothies (that cucumber melon combination sounds good), and definitely slice them up and toss into a salad.

You can find English cucumbers in the grocery store. They are long and will always be seeled in plastic. After use, wrap any remaining English cucumber tightly in plastic wrap and keep in the vegetable crisper and it will last about 5-7 days. Let me know if you like them as much as I do.

P.S I know this post was more than a “little bit” but I was excited about the new category and wanted to introduce it properly.


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  1. Andrea Lund says:

    Hi Kathy! I love English cukes, however they are just regular cukes here. Funny though, I cannot find American cukes here in England…Same goes for English muffins, they are just muffins here. And don’t get me started on biscuits…(hubby is laughing)

    1. kathyme says:

      LOL. Did you know in Philadelphia they don’t call it Philly cheesesteak? And of course you know we don’t ask for New York bagels or New York pizza in NY. And in China it’s not called Chinese food. We could go on for days like this Andrea. Lol. As for those (ahem) English cukes I love putting them on sandwiches that crunch beats tomatoes by a mile. But between you and me ( and my husband) they still make you gassy. I’ve been burping for days. But it could just be me.

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