Kat: follow me and get your KITK fix whenever and wherever


Hi all! Here is where you can find and follow Kat’s in the Kitchen in between blog posts.

  Pinterest.  Find out all the things I love most and discover some of the most interesting things on the web. See things I want to cook, eat,  places I want to go, DIY projects and everything else.  Oh and start your own Pinterest Boards so I can follow you and see what you like. I’m warning you ahead that Pinterest is addictive.

Follow me on Instagram.  Here is where I post pictures of just about everything I cook whether I write a blog post about it or not.  All my food experimenting pictures go here.  Get the App here then search for and follow me: katsinthekitchen.

Twitter. Follow my ramblings.  Who amazed me. Who ticked me off. What surprised me.  Things I just feel like saying to no one in particular. You can tweet back if you want.  That way it won’t seem like I’m talking to myself.

Flickr  I don’t update on Flickr much but if you’d like to see some way back in the day pictures you can visit KITK on Flickr.

Goodreads   Looking for a good book or cookbook? Follow me on Goodreads and get a taste of my favorite cookbooks.  See great books I’ve read and recommend and recommend your favorites to me.

Follow KITK on Facebook by clicking the LIKE button on the blog

So  here is a taste of my social networking and what I’m up to in my spare time.  And by the way don’t just follow me start your own accounts and I’ll follow you back.  I’ll be back soon with more recipes and blog posts in the meantime enjoy the rest of summer! XOXO Kat


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