Goodies for Labor Day weekend


It’s Labor Day weekend and I hope all of you will be enjoying a three-day weekend.  I’ll be enjoying this one a bit more as it’s the official end to summer break.  School starts on Wednesday but I’m back to work on Tuesday.  Looking forward to work and the beginning of the new school year.  I’ve always thought of September as the real-time to start fresh.  I was on line at Target today and seeing all the fall themed magazine covers got me happy.  So much red and orange and yellow! Fall is my favorite time of year.  Looking forward to leaves changing and then falling, pulling out my throw and snuggling on the balcony with hot chocolate and a good book.  Cool weather foods are on my mind. Soups and stews.  Pot roasts and huge pots of beans.  Braising and crock pot cooking.  Can’t wait. For now I’ll enjoy these last days of summer.  Summer really isn’t over yet we’ve still got a few more weeks left and I suspect some of those weeks will be filled with warmer days as well as cooler days.  Whether you are having an all out family cookout or just cooking outdoors for two try some of these oldies but still goodies (like the yummy black-eyed pea salad above) from previous Kat’s in the Kitchen posts.  Have a fantastic Labor Day!   XO Kat

Fry up a batch of corn fritters.  Add chopped jalapenos for a spicy kick.

Make a pitcher of cherry-lime fizz.

For starters crostini, with tomatoes or

pesto.  Happy Labor Day!


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