KiTK Favorite Things

This list was brought about  from readers inquiring about the dishes and  serve ware I use in my photos.  I haven’t purchased new dishes in a long while.  All  the dishes and platters you see on the pages of these posts have been with me for many years.  But there are many other things I can share with you.  Things I think that would be useful to you in the kitchen as well as anywhere else in the home.   Books and movies that have entertained me.  Interesting articles I’ve read.  Web sites and Apps I can’t live without.  This is not to say that you will find everything listed here interesting but if one or even two helps you, well then I’ve done my job.  Feel free to leave comments and especially let me know if this list was useful. You can also let me know some things you can’t live without or books you’re reading or what you’re looking forward to doing once the weather gets warmer.   I’ll be back next week with a recipe.  I feel like I should put up the Lemon Yogurt cake but I made meatballs that were a favorite with all who ate them.  So until then enjoy this list and I hope you discover something new.  
 I love this woman and have been a fan forever.  I trust her opinion so if she says something is good you can be sure it will find its way into my home.   She is the queen of stylish organizing  so I was more than excited about this line at Staples and have already planned my trip for Spring cleaning.
Who says you can’t look sexy in the kitchen
I”m thoroughly engrossed in reading this and should be finished by the time the movie adaptation comes to dvd. 
March had better get here quickly so I can grab this new cookbook.
I love this series on PBS and if I had a few hours to spare I would purchase the series set.  For now I’ll just have my DVR search for reruns.
Yotam Ottolenghi does incredibly delicious things with vegetables.   Happy I found this so I can keep up with weekly recipes of everything else he cooks.
These will brighten up my mornings for sure.
I can’t believe I never thought of these.
Even if I won’t be rocking skinny jeans in mint I can at least represent the return of pastels with this ,in mint of course, and these.
As much as I love winter vegetables there are only so many root vegetable gratins one can cook , so  the return of these is looked forward to.
Love this  site for food, recipes, clothing, everything.
Carry a touch of spring everywhere you go (plus your car keys, cell phone, makeup bag…….)
Travel with Hillary and get to know our former Secretary of State on a personal level.
Been waiting forever for this to return.  Can’t wait to see those babies all grown up and wreaking havoc.  If you aren’t watching this you still have time to catch up on HBO Go before the series returns on March 31st.
I love these in bushes, perfectly manicured rows, unruly sprays and as tall as trees.  I keep a vase full of silk branches in my home year round to brighten it up and remind me that spring is always on the way!

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